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When walking through the doors of Electric Scribble Tattoo a customer is introduced to a new generation of courtesy not experienced in most of the tattoo industry. The staff are helpful and genuinely interested in yours needs. We are family owned and operated. Every customer is the most important customer, therefore when looking for that special custom tattoo, Electric Scribble Tattoo is one of Stoke on Trent's many top notch choices.


We also do guest sits in the US and offer guest spots in our studio for artists from all over the world.


The shop is drug & alcohol-free. The environment and general feel of this shop is warm, clean and comforting, which allows you to feel relaxed and stress-free in what could normally be a stressful environment. In this shop, creativity and imagination are never hindered. We design and are open to your ideas.

Affordable, Experienced Artists; offering a wide range of styles.


  •  Experienced Tattooists

  • Laser Removal Experts

  • Aftercare Service

  • Clean & Sterile Environment

  • Friendly Atmosphere

  • Tattoo's & Piercings 


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