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Electric Scribble offer the ultimate in Tattoo Etiquette. We pride ourselves on expert knowledge, impeccable service and world class hygiene standards. Furthermore we only employ the best when it comes to our Tattoo Artists. Even better than that we regularly extend our blue latex glove covered hand across the World and offer studio space to World Class Artists.




When walking through the doors of Electric Scribble Tattoo a customer is introduced to a new generation of courtesy not experienced in most of the tattoo industry. The staff are helpful and genuinely interested in yours needs. We are family owned and operated. 


Tattoo Services
Piercing Services


Here at Electric Scribble we know and love body modifications, just as much as you do. So to cater for our never ending thirst we often invite, Time2Modify's, Vicky Harris into our Studio. She is a 'Bodyshockers' regular and is skilled in all aspects of piercing, microdermal, microdermal removal, earlobe reconstruction, magnetic implants, sub-dermal implants and scarification.


Laser Removal


Even though at Electric Scribble we do our utmost to protect clients from choosing a tattoo design they may come to regret, others were not quite so lucky and so require a little help to ease their heavy hearts. Of course we're more than happy to help with our expertly trained removal team.


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