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Charlie has sculpted animals for both UK and International collectors since his late teens. After making the decision to sculpt full-time, Charlie has made his own wildlife sculptures, available in bronze limited editions.

Preferring to work from life where possible, Charlie will often travel across the UK and further afield in order to study the subject up close in order to achieve works which evoke the character of each animal.

Largely self-taught, Charlie produces original works in either clay or plasticine which are then cast in Bronze, using the age old "lost wax" process. Charlie's long working relationship with the foundry ensures each bronze sculpture is finished to the highest standards.

Born in 1990, Charlie grew up on a stud farm in Dorset, England. Having been surrounded by animals from a young age, it wasn't long before Charlie started sculpting those around him.  At the age of 14 Charlie enrolled in ceramics at school where various animals were sculpted, the final of which, a life size horses head, was sold at the graduation exhibition, sowing the first seeds of what would later become his full time



Charlie now has works in private collections across the world, and regularly takes commissions which take several months to complete. If you would like to enquire about a sculpture, or are interested in commissioning your own sculpture from Charlie, please contact him here.





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